Harsimran Chahal

Journalist | Anthropologist | Photographer 

About Me

I hold a bachelor's degree in Communication with a focus on Journalism and Digital Media, complemented by a minor in Anthropology.

My approach to journalism is rooted in the belief that we can reclaim its essence by fostering trust with our readers. 

What Is Journalism To Me?

I see journalism as a powerful tool for informing the public, driving change, and empowering individuals. It's more than just reporting news; it's about uncovering stories that matter, holding power to account, and giving voice to the voiceless. I believe it represents a bridge between communities. 

Core Values

Trust, accountability, humanity, and an unwavering commitment to remaining curious are a few of the core values I live by as a journalist and carry with me each day. 

Published Articles

Connor Curran, founder of Local Laundry hopes to build a sense of community with his apparel.

Back in 2015, Connor Curran, the founder, and co-owner of Local Laundry – a local online apparel store, dedicated to representing Canada and Canadian manufacturing – didn’t have any experience in the fashion industry. But a drive to represent YYC and give back to the community helped him turn it into the successful business it is now.

Curran was laid off from his job as a subcontract specialist in 2014. This prompted him to move to Sweden with his wife, where he received an MBA at the Universit

Words that weigh heavily

Harbir Kaur, a young Sikh-Canadian woman, proudly wears a dastar – headwear in Sikhi, an article of faith representing honour, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety. Commonly worn by the Khalsa Sikh men and women that decide to keep the Five Ks – Kesh (uncut hair), Kangha (hair comb), Kara (a bracelet that is traditionally made from iron or steel), Kachera (undergarment), Kirpan (small curved sword) – wear the turban partly to cover their long, uncut hair (kesh).

Kaur is not a stranger

Thomas Mo, founder of Alberta Apparel encourages Calgarians to shop more sustainably this holiday season

The world of fashion is seen as being glamorous. But all that glamour comes with a cost, as it is the second leading source of pollution in the world. That’s why Thomas Mo, the founder of Alberta Apparel, is challenging Canadians to shop more sustainably, especially this holiday season.

People tend to buy more items during the holiday season than any other time of year, so it is especially important to be made aware of the effect clothes shopping can have on the planet.

FashionUnited.com, a ne

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